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03 March 2009 @ 07:15 pm
Random : Useful Writing Tips  
Well this goes out to all my friends who occasionally check up on my page. These are a few writing tips that I happened upon while looking up different writing techniques. I'll gradually be posting a few of them in the next few days as well as some other more mundane things. I'll also be posting my first real person story. So you all can look forward to that. Well anyway here's the first round. Enjoy

 Writing Tip #1 : Put Off Editing

Each of us works at writing on two levels: a creative, unconscious level and a critical, conscious level.
The unconscious produces creative and powerful words and images. It makes surprising and original connections, and it shuts down if the critical "editor" part of your mind goes to work too soon.

1. Brainstorm words or images about your topic
Don't stop to evaluate their worth. keep writing down ideas. When you can't think of another word, wait a while. Often the most powerful idea will surface after you have cleared all the less valuable ideas out of the way.


2. Write a page or two with your eyes shut.
It doesn't matter if you can't read what you've written. you are giving your mind permission to make "mistakes" and just get on with it.

3. Write with music in the background.
Experiment to find the style that you like. 

4. Give yourself permission to be emotional
If your writing begins to move you, experience the full emotion. Before your writing changes others it will change you.

Writing Tip # 2 : Write What You Know

When you write what you know, you write with authority. People listen to you because you are interested. Your knowledge is a gift to share.

Writing Tip # 3 : Research

Deepen the well. No matter what you know about the subject, there is always more to learn. Make sure you have the latest information available on your subject.

If there are differences of opinion in the area you are writing about, acknowledge the other side. your statements will come across more strongly if the reader knows you have addressed the arguments others would raise.

Writing Tip # 4 : Use A Structure

For some writers, having a structure in place first makes the writing easier. These writers prefer to think things out ahead of time and then build to a plan. Other writers put down all of their ideas in a glorious profusion of words. These writers like to see all the material and then build the structure.

Writing Tip # 5 : Use Strong Verbs And Nouns

The Verbs are the action words. They put things in motion. Make yours as strong as possible.
Nouns name the people, places, and things in our world. Choose the noun that does the best work for you.
Short words are usually the best. They have more punch. they hit the gut hard.

Writing Tip # 6 : Be Wary Of Adverbs and Adjectives

If your verbs and nouns are strong, you can get rid of many adverbs and/or adjectives.

Writing Tip # 7 : Use Correct Spelling, Punctuation, and Grammar

No one notices when it is done well, but they see your mistakes clearly.

Writing Tip # 8 : Work The Details

Your ideas come through more clearly when they are supported by details. Sensory details bring a scene clearly to mind. Most of us rely on sight, so visual details are most common in writing.

Writing Tip # 9 : Use Humor When You Can

Not everyone cracks jokes all day long. But a light touch from time to time lowers a reader's guard and opens her to your ideas.

Writing Tip # 10 : Editing By Reading

Really. No cheating. Read all the words out loud in the order in which you've written them. This is the single best self - editing method

Writing Tip # 11 : Find An Editor

Professional writers edit their own work, share it with trusted friends, and then submit it to a publishing house. There another editor is selected to read the work closely, looking for areas that need improvement or a special polish.
As a self publishing author you are in the precarious position of making the final decision about when to go to print.




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The Great Work Begins.: Sebanie>>Lost All Resistancethebohoproducer on June 26th, 2010 06:59 pm (UTC)
I'm gonna use these tips. Also you should add me....just sayin'.